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What I do beyond the stage!

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How did we get here?

When Liv approached me asking if I would like to come on board to create the Sound Design for her new YouTube series 'If Cloths Could Talk' I jumped at the opportunity and gladly joined the team. 

Working alongside Liv and Ellie, I experimented with a range of paces and styles before landing on what you hear in the videos above. 

Creating the Opening theme song (and other music used through the series) was quite challenging as I have not previously made something so complete from scratch. I feel quite honored that Liv and Ellie were able to trust in my ability to create a track of high quality for the show. 

Together with Ellie and Liv, we were joined by 2 other spectacular women;

Nicole Louise - Illustrator and Animator. 

Rose Mulcare - Editor. 

Working as a team we then began to assemble our individual elements before then sending them to Rose who worked their magic to create the first episode!

Our first episode is about Otzi the Iceman and was published on August 1st, 2021.

You can watch it on the video player below or via the links above!

A week after the first youtube Episode went live we found that our followers were asking for more content. We wanted to find a way to keep them entertained while also exploring topics that were not big enough for a full video. As a group, we decided to begin the spin-off podcast 'The Clothes That Made Us'. 

Episodes are published every Sunday evening in Eastern Standard Time Australia, and are available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Podcast, or where ever you listen! you can find us via the link above or by searching 'The Clothes that Made Us'. 

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